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Pizza Ovens

  • Cooks pizza in 70 seconds!
  • Stays warm for 6 hours after heating. 
  • Suitable for cooking anything you would cook in conventional oven.
  • Hand built
  • Eco-friendly build
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Pizza Ovens are a beautiful addition to any garden, spicing up summer barbeques and warming up winter gatherings by bringing a unique party piece to any outdoor soiree. We build outdoor kitchens/summer kitchens, which are unique and eco friendly!


Our Pizza Ovens are capable of of cooking pizzas and breads that far surpass those that conventional ovens can produce. This is due to the three types of heat the oven exploits; conduction, convection and radiation, all at once. Our Pizza Ovens can reach temperatures of 370◦C, cooking pizza in 1 minute and 10 seconds optimum. They can also be used to cook anything you would ordinarily put in your oven, with the added flavour that wood fires bring. Our Pizza ovens are simple and fun for the family to use.



N.B: Each of our Pizza Ovens are completely bespoke and unique, this means that our customers can choose from a number of options; completely customising the oven. Above is simply a guide to size and capabilities.


For example, the base of the Pizza Oven can be made from any type of rock, brick or stone. The Pizza Oven can stand alone or be built on to the side of an existing building. Chimney or no chimney. We can even build a roof to shelter oven and chef! We enjoy challenges of all shapes and sizes.


Pizza Oven Prices:


Our Pizza Ovens range pricing depending on size, detail and customisation. We prefer to do a quote after seeing our clients site.

Don't worry though, all quotes are free of charge. Prices range from £2,000 - £8,000 


 *Basic prices include the base for the pizza oven and the pizza oven itself, plus pizza oven cover.


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