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Natural Buildings

A Lifestyle Choice

Using Cob, straw bales, recycled materials and locally sourced materials, Eco Earth Builds can create a fantastically unique and eco-friendly home or building to suit your wishes. From Family houses to small garden retreats, we are able to tailor the layout of our builds to a much greater level than modern building techniques thanks to the flexibility of Cob and straw bales. Not only are these buildings asthetically beautiful, they also come with many other qualities; the buildings are breathable, allowing old air to move through the walls and clean air to take its place. This reduces toxins that can affect our health (something that modern building techniques cannot achieve). Natural Buildings are highly energy efficient; heat absorbing walls and floors create a warm yet sustainable home that requires little or none extra energy than the solar rays given off by our sun. Straw bale walls give buildings better insulation values than modern building materials do, cob buildings can be warm all year round; no external resources are needed to heat the cob building as a result of passive solar designs.


Eco Earth Builds design our buildings to work with nature, instead of against. Wherever possible minimising our ecological footprint. Permaculture is an influencial ideology that we base our techniques on. Our passion for sustainability and environmentally friendly techniques is equal to our creativity, imagination and love for using the materials found in nature. Tell us what you want, however surreal it may seem... We thrive on new ideas and experiences!

Vernacular Buildings

Throughout human history cob has been used to create buildings. Some of these buildings are 10,000 years old and still standing to this day; a real testament to the durability of the material. Using the materials that the earth provides allows a building to blend in with its environment, giving it a modesty and respectability. A natural building allows you to be involved with your ecosystem; a symbiotic relationship with the flora and fauna around you. We believe this is the ideal home to live in, one that gives as much as it takes from its environment. 


←Professional cob builders, taught by "Queen of cob" Kate Edwards


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