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Eco Earth Builds is a small company created by Luke Morris, a professional cob builder with a passion for permaculture and a background in ecology and construction. Below is a small bio:

Luke Morris, Company Director.


I am a company director of Eco Earth Builds. I have a BSc in Ecology and Biogeography from the University of Brighton and a background in construction. I studied a range of subjects such as conservation techniques and sustainable development to Paleontology and Genetics. Through my studies and travel I realised my passion is within sustainability and permaculture, nature and conservation. After trying my hand at zoo keeping and ecological consultancy I found a course that looked to combine what I was good at; construction, and what I am passionate about; permaculture... Building with Cob!


I was taught to build eco houses by one of the leading and most experienced cob builders in the U.K. Kate Edwards, as seen on the BBC. From there Eco Earth Builds became inevitable.


Our aim is to bring eco-friendly builds to people, linking them to their environment. Whether it's a home, garden or a Pizza Oven, we hope to build beautiful and unique spaces for all to enjoy!




Andrew Morely, Gardener.

Andrew has almost 10 years of gardening experience; he has a wealth of knowledge on plant and tree species. He is an all-round gardener and handy man that loves to spend time in the garden, methodically maintaining the beautiful gardens that Eco Earth Builds create.


Previously Andrew had an Administration job at the Universities in Oxford, he is a keen fisherman and enjoys the great outdoors as well as spending time with his family.

Dan Payne, Gardener.

Dan came to us fresh out of his horticulture course at University; during his course he was highly regarded and recieved awards for his efforts. Dan loves to get stuck in and takes pride in completeing larger projects. He has qualifications in many specified facets of landscape gardening and tree surgeory.

Outside of work Dan has a keen interest in snowboarding and motorbikes.

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