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G  A  R  D  E  N     S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

By Eco Earth Gardens

Eco Earth Gardens are environmentally friendly expert gardeners. We look to develop and/or maintain local gardens, estate grounds and commercial premises. We are a small business of experienced gardeners working at very competitive rates. Starting at just £16 per hour we will design your garden to your desire, supply on-going care to lawns, hedges, trees and planting. All year-round service at the cheapest rates in Oxfordshire! Please view testimonials from a few of our current clients here.

The Birds and The Bees!

Turn your garden into a Wildlife Haven!

Eco Earth Builds create gardens that encourages wildlife onto your back door. A garden that is its own ecosystem...

Small Garden? No Problem!

Urban spaces can become wildlife corridors for animals to move through. As human populations increase, garden spaces become ever more important in ensuring the survival of our Great British Wildlife...

Contact us for a free consultation...

Just give us a call on 07437757340 for a free consultation, lets turn your garden into an Eco Earth Garden!

Butterfly meadows!

Gardening design that allow native species to flourish, Britians native flora and fauna is beautiful. Butterfly on wild flower grasses...

Innovation Applied to Nature

Eco Earth Gardens aim to create pocket ecosystems in gardens that may not expect to be used by British wildlife. Innovative design as well as understanding of animal behaviour can result in a garden with as much biodiversity as a local parkland. Bring nature to your garden, help our British wildlife flourish in the harsh urban landscape!

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